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How to save a document in MS Word:

How To Save as MS Word

What electronic formats are required for this course?

Submit written assignments and other project deliverables in the weekly folder, using file formats readable using Microsoft Office 2007 (.rtf, .doc, .docx, etc.).


Can I revise a major essay?


Grade Earned Action
90-100 No revision required. Work on proofreading skills to apply to next writing assignment.
70-89 Revision is not required.  Writer may choose to revise.  Revision is afforded to those who make a writing conference appointment with me to discuss comments and make a revision plan.
0-69 Revision is highly recommended.  Writer must make a writing conference appointment with me to discuss comments and create a revision plan.

When you submit an essay for this class it should already have undergone a thorough revision process, and for all intents and purposes, it should have the appearance of a final draft; however, in most cases, you will have the opportunity to submit a revision for an improved grade. Here are the procedures and guidelines: 

1) Your revision is due no later than the Friday preceding the final exam week unless otherwise noted on end of the semester essays.  Please understand that in most cases you’ll have additional homework to work on alongside your revision, so budget your time accordingly.

2) The grade you received on your original essay can be improved, but no more than a single letter grade. This discourages submitting an especially rushed and shoddy original essay which is difficult to assess.

 3) Highlight any change you’ve made to the revision, with a comment in the right margin indicating why you’ve made the change.  Remember that revision refers to content.  Merely editing a draft does not constitute revision unless I have noted numerous errors that impact your content and evaluation significantly.


How do I send Ms. A. a link to my blog post?

If you click on the title of your post, the page will refresh to a page unique only to that post.  This is the page you send Ms. A.  Copy the URL and paste it into an e-mail.

How do I turn in an  workshop draft for Ms. A.’s class?

Essay drafts are due at the beginning of class.  Please have your essay printed and in your hand when you walk in the door so you and your classmates do not lose valuable work time and points.   I make good effort to arrive early, but this is not guaranteed.

Essays are considered late if not turned in when I collect them at the beginning of class.  If you are late for class, your essay is late.  If you have to print your essay in class after or while I am collecting essays, your essay is late.

If you do not have an essay completed, you will be permitted to work with writer’s workshop.

How do I submit a document or essay to Ms. A.?

Click on assignment in the Blackboard dropbox area to open.

Attach your essay in Step 2 of dropbox as you would attach it to an e-mail by browsing for your specific file on your computer and attaching.

Save your document in .docx, .doc or .rtf.  The name of your file should include your last name and section number.  (For example: AnthonyK_115_LitEssay.doc)

Here is a tutorial: How to attach a document to Bb

What if I can’t meet a deadline?

Submit this one time late pass to Ms. A. before the deadline for any one assignment during the semester –

Late Pass

OTC English Department Writing Rubric

Writing Rubric

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