I am so happy to function as an advisor for our college and I know that your time is valuable.  Here are a few tips to help you be prepared for your appointment.

When requesting an advising appointment, check my current office hours under the “Ms. A.” tab on the my classroom homepage.  You can find this at:

For your appointment:

1. Bring a list of your questions or topics to your advising appointment.

2. Academic advising is more than preparing your schedule for the upcoming semester. Feel free to discuss academic and non-academic matters with your advisor.  To get the most out of your advising relationship, get to know your advisor and let your advisor get to know you.

3. As your advisor, I know a good deal, but not everything there is to know about OTC.  OTC has many programs of study and even more individual courses on several campus sites.   I may not be an expert in all matters at OTC, but I spend a considerable amount of time understanding the services on campus so I can make suitable referrals.  Because advisors try to discuss more than course schedules with students,  I can be a resource to navigating the campus.

4. Research your degree and course requirements before the appointment. You can find your degree program evaluation available through the Access OTC resource – click on “Degree Audit.”

5.  Complete your education/course plan.  The following link will help:

6. Bring your degree audit, your two year plan, a course catalog, and your student handbook to your advising meeting.

7. In general, advisors do not tell students which courses to take.  Instead, they listen to choices students have made and provide feedback.

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