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I am an English teacher.  I repeat this to myself a lot for two reasons.  The first reason is because, really, who wants to be an English teacher, and the second reason is because being an English teacher, believe it or not, is something I want to be.  My students are smart, but they do not know it.  It is my job to help them realize how smart they really are and how smart they can become.

I attended Lindenwood University and Missouri State University earning a BSed in English Eduction and a MA in Writing: Composition and Rhetoric.  I have been teaching writing, costuming and college success courses at OTC since 2004.



Office Phone: 417.447.8228

Office: NKM 235 H

Office Hours:

MW 9AM-10am and 2PM-3PM
F 9AM-10AM

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Do you need a letter of recommendation?

One of my very favorite things to do as a teacher is to write a letter of recommendation for a student seeking a scholarship, applying for a job, or applying to an academic program or institution.  It is my hope that anything I write for a student will help, at least, boost their own confidence and, at most, help them attain their desired goals.

In order for me to write an effective, meaningful, and productive letter of recommendation, I need you to assist my memory and allow me to write rather than dig through old records to know you better.  I may know some of this readily, but I do appreciate your assistance so we can work together to help you reach your goal.  Please fill out the following questionnaire:

Letter of Recommendation Questionaire

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