Defining Compassion


  • Name for the actions that display an actual, or assumed, feeling for others.  HR
  • Sharing grief and sadness and showing sorrow with someone. SD
  • The way one feels for someone in pain or hurting.  Having a heart. ZS
  • Understanding that others have things going on in their lives that effect the way they act and feel.  JD
  • A person who displays understanding, mercy, patience, forgiveness… BA
  • Showing kindness to someone no matter the situation.  RW
  • A feeling that a being shares with another – of love and care.
  • Having sympathy and giving affection to others who may need it.  EU
  • When you show sympathy toward a certain situation.  RH
  • A heartfelt feeling in someone else’ favor.  HP
  • Sharing happiness. ER
  • The way we feel about ourselves, surrounding, family, peers…and the way it effects our daily life as well as our future endeavors.  KH
  • The ability to feel sympathy or empathy for another person and a strong sense of caring for something or someone else.  TC
  • Being able to think and care beyond yourself.  It should be kind and blind.  Having compassion means you are what happens around to people, animals…AG
  • To show mercy in a distressed situation – to give a hand when someone has fallen and can’t get up.  BA

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