ELO – I Rant

rantsThis is a rant. Occasionally rants merit value. This is such a rant. This does not apply to the majority, but as is true in most cases, it is the few that ruin it for the many. If this does not apply to you, then now worries.
It may be unfortunate, but there are higher expectations of Writing II students. These expectations reach beyond student writing abilities which are truly expected to be elevated to the level in which you are learning. This course level allows me to afford you far more opportunities to grow as a thinker and as a professional. It is, therefore, discouraging, to notice that some students are clearly not ready, or mature enough, to handle the independence I can afford in Writing II.
I was discouraged to observe students spending valuable Writer’s Workshop enjoying the use of their handheld technology rather than staying on task. What I observed was not a quick check of information, but an engaged activity spanning the first quarter of class. No. I do not call you out as I would want. I hate being a high school disciplinarian. No. I am not insulted: although, I should be discouraged that you are wasting time and valuable space in this class.
You are not hurting me. You are hurting yourself. Of course, that is your business, but hurting yourself in my classroom becomes my business and I would rather you choose to be someplace else, the place you would rather be, if you do not want to participate in the day’s activity. It is a choice and I wish you would make it.
You are hurting your fellow students. You are wasting their time and their energy and, most importantly, you are being disrespectful. You are asking them to think thoughtfully about your writing but you are not willing to do the same for them.

I hope your future co-workers are as tolerable of your disrespect as your classmates seem to be.

Do you have rant of the day?  Share it here in comments for 5 ELOs.  This opportunity is available until mid-night on March 28.


19 Responses

  1. My rant of the day is going to be about my paper due in world history. I have to write a paper on an ism that happened and impacted world history. I have chosen to do communism. One of the biggest problems I always have when writing is coming up with exactly what I am going to write about. Then after I get that figured out I am always slow at organizing my ideas and actually getting them typed out on my paper. Alright I’m done ranting, hope everyone else has a great day.

  2. RANT-
    Don’t you hate it when you’ve been driving around the OTC parking lot and can’t find a spot to park? Then suddenly you spot a guy walking out to his car, unfortunately all the other circling vultures see him too. Everyone races to that spot, but you got their first, so the rest of them are still on the hunt to park. You’ve got your turn signal on and are waiting for the guy to pull out, and nothing is happening. Class will be starting soon and I need to take care of a few things before I go in. I’ve aloud myself plenty of time, but the guy won’t leave the parking spot. Whats the hold up? Are you leaving? Should I move on to find another spot? Do you think this territory is yours and enjoy holding on to it for a minuet more? Pee on it already and get out of the way! Your not the only busy person in the world, and I feel if the roles were reversed, you would want me to move quickly. Thanks, I feel better.

  3. My rant of the day is life in general the last several weeks for me. Every single person has things going on in their lives and I know I’m no different. Life has been throwing curve balls at me for the better part of the month and I’m just irritated in the fact that it’s life. Things happen at inconvenient times and I have no control over it. I know I’m an adult and I have to deal with them but there is a part of me that wants to say ” I don’t want to!”. At this point I’m just hoping life will at least return some sort of normalcy to me. I would really appreciate it.

  4. My rant has nothing to do with school, but it is about rude people.
    Yesterday I had my ultrasound and found out that my husband and I are having a girl! This is our first baby and it wasn’t necessarily a planned pregnancy, but we are over-the-moon excited about it. I had some health problems about four years ago and we weren’t sure if we would be able to have children, so we are very relieved that we obviously can.
    My husband had told many people over the past couple months that he was hoping we had a boy. This does not mean he is not happy we are having a girl; the idea of a boy was more comfortable for him. He is actually very excited about this baby being a girl and was posting all sorts of daddy/daughter stuff on Pinterest last night. That’s all beside the point though; I really am ranting here.
    Yesterday evening we both called family members and friends to let them know what we were having. Most people said the usual congratulations and it was all warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately, I got stuck with three family members who between them made me very upset.
    One side of our family has mostly little girls. There are 19 kids on that side and only 6 are boys. Three of the women were really rude about the fact that we are having a girl. One said, “Well, girls are nice too I guess.” The next said, “Oh, too bad it’s not a boy.” And the last said, “Your baby is just a number now.” What? Who do these people think they are? You don’t say those kinds of things to someone, especially a first time mom who is overjoyed to be starting a family. People astound me. I woke up this morning still upset about it. I didn’t expect to hear those kinds of remarks from anyone, let alone family.
    Rant over.

  5. I am sorry you have so many students that are unwilling to learn but I for one am trying to learn even though I do not like your teaching style.

  6. I had a class today, but turned out once I got there there was no class. Then on my way back home three people cut me off and almost hit me. It felt like a Monday.

  7. I’m not saying this goes for everyone but I just can’t stand people walking on their phones in public and they don’t have a volume button. They talk about things that no one else wants to hear about or never wants to.

  8. I rant and rave because I’m stressed. I’m stressed because I feel as though I am running out of time. I rant about myself and my ability to waist time with such ease. At the current moment I have dropped all my juggling pins. No matter how I try to get them all back in the air, they continue to hit the ground. I rant and rave because I wish I could do everything perfectly the first time. Without failure. In honesty though I rant about the changes occurring in my life, I am grateful for them, but they have caught me off guard and off balance. I maybe leaving a trail of disaster behind me. I only wish I had more time.

  9. I have a similar rant. Granted im guilty sometimes of using my phone during class but im usually not on it long. (Its usually my mom lol) What really grinds my gears are the people who show up but then either sleep, leave early all the time. or show up and dont do the homework and then expect someone in class to do it for them! This is the big leagues, kitten, we are not in high school anymore and this is what really counts. Do not expect me to help you with your work if your not even paying attention or do not show up to class.

  10. Rant of the Day
    My rant of the day is about the tutoring center. I was in desperate need of chemistry help before my test so I went for help on Tuesday for two hours, and asked what time in the morning there would be a chemistry tutor available. I was told from 9-11. I didn’t have class until noon Wednesday so I got up way early at 8:00 and was at the tutoring center at 9:00 on the dot. I check in and go to the chemistry area and set up my stuff and put my little wooden hand up, since I had prepared a million questions ahead of time. A tutor makes their way over to me and I start with my first question and was told “Oh I’m a math tutor, I can’t help you. Sorry.” so I figured maybe the science tutor went to the bathroom so I wait a little bit… and wait….wand wait… Finally at 9:30 I walk up to the front and asked where the science tutor was and was informed that he wouldn’t be there until 11:00!!!! Why wasn’t I told when I checked in? Why was I told 9-11? So I sat there for an hour and a half waiting for the tutor and got only three of my questions answered by the time I had to go to Chemistry class. The tutoring center A: needs more tutors to cover all the time they are operating, B: needs an accurate schedule available to the tutors so they don’t tell someone the wrong time by two hours, and C: need to inform someone when checking in that the area they need a tutor for won’t be there for two hours!!!

  11. Blinkers. The little blinking things that let people know what direction you’re trying to head. Some blink fast, some slow, but all should blink. Yet, majority don’t. It’s a simple thing, but it’s on your car for a reason. If i don’t use my blinker and you run into me, you’re going to be hurt and mad. Well, the same goes if I hit you because you’re too ignorant to use a blinker. One that automatically goes off at that. It’s pure laziness and stupidity to drive in such a way no one around you has any clue what you’re going to do. If you don’t car about your car, or your life then that’s your problem, but respect others on the road and hit your little switch so I don’t run over you.

  12. My rant of the day is trying to find a parking spot at OTC.
    It is almost impossible to find a remote spot after 9 am.
    I have an 8 o’clock class so I get here early enough to find a wonderful front row parking spot. However, Fridays we go to breakfast so I leave, and give up the best parking spot. Leaving and then coming back to finding one spot open in the seventh row. I do NOT want to walk that far I am really lazy. OTC needs better parking, end of story. Okay, my rant is over now. Please OTC consider more parking options for this many students.

  13. I work at a McDonald’s. I know I’m supposed to be polite to the customers, but sometimes they’re just stupid. And I fully understand that some people at this place deserve to be talked down to, because they legitimately just suck at what they do. Even *I* think some of my fellow employees are dumb, because they have the ability to ruin the simplest task they are given. I have several problems that apply to the vast majority of people who go to McDonald’s drive thru.

    #1: You may or may not have noticed that whenever you make certain orders, such as some specialty chicken stuff or a sausage burrito, we ask you questions every freaking time.Like “what sauce, crispy or grilled.” I mean, everyone fails to rationalize this, because if we ask the same effing question everytime you order it, it’s probably necessary. If it wasn’t, we’d just let you ask for it on your own tmie. But that’s not how it works, I’m actually doing my job.

    #2: This isn’t something that happens often, so it doesn’t piss me off as bad. In drive thru, if you follow too close to the car in front of you, the sensor only recognizes it as one car. So stop being a jerk and riding up their ass, because then I’m not going to know you’re there. so it really isn’t my fault that you haven’t been helped immediately. Stop getting pissed.

    #3: It also doesn’t help if you shout “hello” as soon as you pull up. You didn’t even give me a chance. You’re the worst type of person.

    #4: Seriously, this is a HUGE one. PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY PERSON YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH WHEN GOING THROUGH DRIVE THRU!! If you’re talking on the phone or to the person next to you, you never hear the total of your order. So a lot of the time, we get it wrong. It’s relly not our fault, because you didn’t stop us. Because you weren’t listening. We assumed you were agreeing by not saying anything. It’s all on you, buddy.

    #5: I can’t really get mad at being busy, because that keeps me employed and I have good income. I really don’t mind having a lot of customers, I just don’t like being slow up until 10 minutes of me getting off, and then I just get slammed and I don’t go home for a long while after that. You can spread it all out.

    #6: This is more a complaint on McDonald’s management, so it’s really not the customer’s fault. We get slow for about 5 minutes, they freak out and send everyone home except for 4 people, including me. then we get slammed harder than we’ve ever been. I don’t get help. If I ask for help, I get yelled at. If I don’t ask for help and it gets slow, I get yelled at. There’s no winning this game. I honestly don’t have the energy after this.

    #7: Ok seriously. The rule for the whole restaurant is that we get breaks if the shift is long enough. I go without for a lot of shifts. The owner got onto the managers. It’s still not happening.

    Don’t get me wrong, it really is not a bad job for a college student needing to pay bills and go to school. It’s just the customers can be unpleasant. Most of them are actually really polite. A large majority of them, in fact. The managers are good, the atmosphere is good. There’s just certain things about this job that irritate me, so I need to let them out. They don’t really happen that often and I really only notice them when I’m stressed.

  14. My rant of the day. The weather just needs to decided if its spring or fall! All the back and forth is driving my sinuses crazy!

  15. Turn signals… are you freakin’ kidding me?? There are millions of drivers here in missouri and I would say maybe 15% of them know how to use a turn signal properly or at all. People driving down the street or highway just loop over in between other vehicles with just enough space without any warning at all. I have had people do this to me, even though I am clearly driving faster than them and they jump right out in front of me, causing me to hit my brakes as they continue their slow pace. I was ran off the road back in October by a moronic driver with no turn signal or any warning.

  16. One thng that really erks me is when you call in for technical support and assistance you you do not let me speak or explain to you what is going on.WHen you call in for help you do not yell over me, you listen to what I am trying to tell you. I work with taxes and it can be frustrating and time consuming so whenever you call in and demand an answer right on the spot about a specific area on YOUR tax return, you are not going to get an answer in 30 seconds. We have to go in and see where the issue is figure outexacctly how to correct it, or how it came about and then correct it. Sigh. Some people have no patience whatsoever.

  17. Rant…Bullies — you suck!

    Yesterday my daughter came home from school with a look of defeat on her face. She was slumping over and looking to the ground. I ask, “How was school?” Her response was a depleted, “fine”. That night she was just not in a good mood. She is twelve and almost never nice to her brother, but this was worse than normal. When I asked her what is going on, she broke down in tears. It turns out this jerk…I mean boy at school has been giving her a hard time for a few weeks now; it happens every day. Whether it is calling her names, saying mean things to her, talking to other people about her right in front of her, or like yesterday, putting a crappy little jerk-face note on her back. I won’t cheapen my beautiful, loving daughter by saying what the note said but I was infuriated! Even worse, she explained to me that she is really stressed about because she is worried about her friend who is going through the same thing with another jerk…I mean boy at school. The difference is after every time it happens, my daughter’s friend says to me daughter, “See, that’s why I want to kill myself.” I lost it. My daughter was no longer the only one crying. Now, I am worried about her friend too. This morning we went to school together and spoke to the Assistant Principal at her middle school and I am praying he deals with this situation head on. If not, I have no problem going into momma bear mode and taking care of things myself.

    I truly don’t understand how mean kids are today. It is so much worse than when I was in school. I read about a situation that happened to a beautiful, sweet girl where these other two girls, for no other reason than they didn’t like her, pretended to be this girl’s friend for several months. One night they convinced her to sneak out of the house. They killed her that night. Killed her! For no other reason than they did not like her. It was their plan from the start. I just don’t get it!

    What do you think? Are parent’s too busy to actually “parent” their kids? I think this world is very, very broken and I shutter to think about what middle school will be by the time my toddler is ready to go. It’s no wonder so many parents are homeschooling their kids. They aren’t even safe at school.

  18. My rant would have to be about time. At this point i have no time left in the day i get up at 6 am study, get ready, go to school, as soon as my classes are done its off to work. I get off work go home do homework/ study. My weekends are full of homework, Dr. Appointments and the only real time i take to my self is 30 min a day to workout and sometimes I don’t even get that. School, family, and work are a lot to juggle when your a full time student and employee.

  19. Why can’t you just pick up after yourself?

    I’m not very sure as to why you can’t pick up your personal belongings. You are an adult who has lived on his own for 10 years now. I’m not sure if your mother ever had you pick up your More…dishes, but it is very frustrating to have to walk behind you and pick up after you. I love you, and I am more than willing to pick up the house when need to be. However, I don’t feel like I am getting the respect I deserve. Yes, you work all day, but I go to school all day and am equally as exhausted when I get home. Do you want me to be more like a mom to you or can I please be an equal partner in this relationship? I understand that we sometimes get lazy. I do not expect everything to be neat and tidy All the time. However, I don’t want the stink of food to envelope our whole house. I will gladly work with you and pick up as needed, but I will no longer feel like I am raising two five-year-old children.

    One Tired Woman/Mother

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