What Do You Want to Be?


Attend one of the following seminars sponsored by OTC Career Services, write a 300 word typed reflection on your discoveries and earn 15 ELOs. You must complete the Focus 2 Career Assessment for full credit. This opportunity expires on Friday, April 12.


Don’t know? You are not alone! Let us help you!

Start on your journey to discover what career path might best suit your skills and interests in this session. Join Career Services staff to explore your occupational options by learning how to utilize the Focus 2 Career Assessment. We will explore:

•Career Readiness – Get on the Path!

•Your personality and skills assessments – Who are you?

•Possible occupations and corresponding educational paths – What can a girl/boy do?

•Resources for career trends, salaries, necessary skills, educational options, and job opportunities – Help me, help me!

Take the Focus 2 Career Assessment BEFORE or AFTER the session by going to:

http://www.otc.edu/careerservices/18322.php or by typing Focus 2 in the OTC search box.

All sessions will be:

When: 1:00pm-2:15pm

Where: Brooks Conference Room, ICW 219P, Springfield Campus

Spring 2013 schedule:

Thursday, January 24

Monday, January 28

Monday, February 4

Thursday, February 14

Thursday, February 28

Monday, March 4

Monday, March 18

Thursday, March 28

Monday, April 1

Thursday, April 11

Monday, April 15

Thursday, April 25


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