List Your Way Into Writing

Writing prompts for journaling and blogging can be hard to come by. It often helps to kick start your brain with some thinking before you sit down to free-write. Try making lists to create prompts unique to yourself and your own experiences. Here is a list of lists you can make to create writing prompts:

Things to do over summer break
Places I’d like to travel
Things you want to accomplish this year
Things you want to accomplish in your lifetime
The best movies
The worst movies
A list of my secrets
Best songs
Top 5 movies (books, themes, places to go, songs, tv shows)
Favorite foods
What would you buy with $10 ($100)
Name as many objects as you can that will float
Create a list of words you can make with only the letters of your name
Make a list of things that are 6 inches long
What would you do if you had a free day
List of things you can make weapons out of
Things you remember from last summer
List of things you do on a typical day
If you could hire someone to do 5 things for you
Reasons we appreciate our mom
The funniest things I have seen
A list of kids names you’d use when you are a Dad
Things you would do if your parents couldn’t say no
My 5 favorite meals
Things I want to do on a camping trip
List of the funniest lines from the movies (books, TV shows)
Names of my future pets
If you ran a zoo, what animals would you have in it?
What would you do if you were an only child?
What would you eat if you could choose the menu for the day?
Top 12 (or the appropriate age of the kid) favorite things
List of most awesome moments
Things I want to make
Things I want to learn
What makes me happy
Books I want to read
My favorite places
My wish list
3 things that makes me smile
My favorite things about myself
My favorite things to play
My favorite things about Grandma (Grandpa, Brothers, etc)
Things you were never too embarrassed to do as a kid
My friends are
My favorite games are
5 things you would pack to take on a trip if you didn’t know where you were going
If you could have dinner with 10 people (living or dead…or fictional) who would they be?
My favorite book characters
TV characters I wish could be my friends
My favorite places to go
My favorite snacks
5 jobs I would consider having when I grow up
Super powers I would have
Things your Mom (Dad) always say
Things I see
Things I smell
Things I learned in school last year
Things I want to learn about
10 fun, free things to do
The last 5 things I bought
Top 10 sites I want to see in the US
Funny things my brothers say
States I have visited
If you had a farm, what would you grow
Things that make a great birthday party
Things Dad (Mom) does during the day
Places you would time travel to
Things to do with an empty cerial box
Things that should be invented
Favorite animals
Favorite toys
Things I will never eat again
Things that would look cool made out of Legos
Things I wish I could cook
The best things ever invented
Things I love
Things I am thankful for
Ways I have seen God work in my life
Character traits that you admire
My favorite colors
Websites I like
Favorite video games
Favorite things about Christmas
My favorite historical figures
My most comfortable clothes
List of colors (and things that come to mind with each one)
If I ruled the world, I would…
A list of rainy day activities
Great ice cream flavors (real and made up)
Movies I’d like to see over and over again
Things that gross mom out
Things that gross me out
Cartoon characters in ABC order
Ways to flip a pancake
Games I have played
Top 10 breakfast foods
Favorite stuffed animals
If I had to put 10 things of mine in a treasure box, they would be
List of hairstyles
Favorite heros
I bet you didn’t know this about me
The earliest things I can remember
Fun things I did with Mom (Dad)
How I can help Mom (or Dad)
My favorite memories from last year
If I was King
Summer Fun List
What is in the fridge
Things you can find in our car
Ways I’d spend money if I won a million dollars
Things I never ever want to forget
Jobs I have had
Schools I have attended
Places we have lived
Concerts I have been to
Animals I have owned
Family stories or sayings
Hobbies I have enjoyed
Sports I have played
Dreams I have had
Some things I need to work on
Summer camps I have been to
Amusement rides I like
Goals I have had
Schools I have attended
Words we use that aren’t English
A list of what not to do
Things to do when you are bored
List of miracles
List of blessings
List of answered prayers
Favorite desserts
Favorite outfits


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