Keys to College Success – 32 Day Commitment – AM Class

GOAL – Complete my Domestic Art series by ArtWalk – December 2011.

COMMITMENT – Paint 30 minutes each day.

Day 1 – Was not able to make my commitment today.  I felt like a failure, but the day was over scheduled and too long.  I will have to create time to work in this commitment. 

Day 2 – Worked on Summer for 45 minutes.  I had not intended to continue to work on this painting as I had deemed it finished in August, but felt compelled to revise the background of the tree.

Day 3 –  Was able to work for 30 minutes today, but did not accomplish much.  I need to think about ways to make this task easier. 

Day 4 – With my class, we worked on strategies to make our commitments more successful or easier to accomplish.  Knowing ourselves is important to this process.  Here is my list: 1. Clean off my work surface.  The room I paint in is also the room in the house where things tend to get dumped. My work table holds far more than what I need to paint.  2.  Sort and donate clothing.  There are four large garbage bags full of clothes that must be sorted and donated or delivered to the resale shop.  I have to step over these bags to accomplish my commitment.  They must go.  3.  Paint earlier in the day.  This is a personal goal that impacts me and only me.  Because it is personal, I have put it last on my daily to do list.  I need to change my schedule to create a time that works better for success.

*NOTE – It was suggested by a student that I move my paiting activities to a place completely dedicated to creativity.  He may be right.  I should move this creative work to the studio.  Something to think about.

Day 5  – It is always difficult to get things done on Friday.  This is crash day for me.  But, this week is different.  Instead of painting, I worked for 5 hours on my grand-daughters Halloween costume.  It was worth the sacrifice.

Day 6 – Good day.  I succeeded in working 30 minutes today.  I am working on the fall season piece and have the painting portion completed and looking forward to working on the textile work on this pieces.  I need to take some time to make sure I have all the necessary materials.

Day 7 – Readied for Halloween.  No painting and no thinking of painting.

Day 8 – Halloween and basketball wore me out.  I CHOSE not to pain today.  I am feeling good about the holiday, the fun, and its success, but not good about my painting progress.  I am already thinking this commitment may be a mistake.  What is making me this way is the pressure of completing my Christmas sewing and creating.  I need to stay out of the stores as the holiday pressure is everywhere I turn while shopping.

Day 9 – Exhausted.  Worked extra hours.  Blocked out three hours to work!  I accomplished a lot.  The fall piece is really beginning to come together.  Today is a good day.

Day 10 -It was difficult to find time to work on my painting today.  I didn’t.  Today was not a success.  Hopefully, I can find time over the weekend to make up some time.


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