Keys to College Success – 32 Day Commitment – PM Class

Aunt Bee’s Featherweight

GOAL – Clean and organized studio space.

COMMITMENT – 15 minutes of power work each day for 32 days.

Day 1 – Worked on the cutting table today.  It is nearly cleaned off and items removed were not dumped, but put in their rightful place.  My success was the satisfaction I felt as I entered the room on Day 2 to see a clean and organized work surface.  Success.

Day 2 – Worked on organizing pens and pencil buckets on cart.  Sucess:  I now know where all my color resides.  🙂

Day 3 – Set up sewing machines and tools that go with them.  Fixed my lighting and tucked chords away.  Success:  I was able to complete the Minnie Mouse costume for my daughter.  I do realize that I need to make sure I maintain the spaces I organize so that I do not create an unproductive space and waste my time already invested.   Success.

Day 4 – I am reaching more success in this challenge than I would if it were not the week before Halloween.  I have four costumes to complete:  a princess, an owl, a Minnie Mouse and a Link.  I am a bit worried about time.  Developing the routine of spending 15 minutes before quitting for the day, organizing and cleaning.  Cleaned up my owl mess this evening.  Success.

Day 5 – Worked on the owl, Minnie and princess today.  The owl is finished.  It is a great costume.  I feel like I have really outdone myself this year.  I will have the cutest grand-daughter in the neighborhood.  Success.

Day 6 – Princess is complete.  Cleaned up and worked on bead drawer.  A good day.  Success.

Day 7 – Still amazed I am cleaning up after myself.  It is so worth it as it makes working the next day so much nicer.  We set up the green lights this evening and I finished the Link costume and set up for the party.  I spent my commitment time working on the windows which created a mess in the studio.  Not worried.  After all the photos are done, a couple of nights from now, I will get it back together.  The party will be great.

Day 8 – Halloween!  I spent zero time in the studio.  It is a choice and worth it.

Day 9 – Cleaned out and organized my paint/textile box.  No more tangled threads and mixed up templates.  Success!

Day 10 – Today was yet another challenge.  I suppose all days have challenges.  I have been required to be somewhere every single night this week and it would be easy to flake out.  Instead, I found myself between doing a have-to-do and being at a game – a twenty minute window.  I worked for about fifteen minutes (my goal) and felt pretty good about it all.  Success.

Day 11


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