To Blog or Not to Blog

From: Blog Marketing Journal

One of the things I like about teaching is that it is continually renewing. There are new school years, new semesters, new students, new ideas, new ways to learn, new ways to present materials, new writing, new writers, and new ways to learn from my students. I love the process of practicing the art of teaching. I like trying new things and blogging is the new thing this semester.

I have been blogging about my domestic life in the past four years, the ins and outs of the everyday-ness, the little things that make me happy in my life. I have written about the old things I love like dishes, linens, and valentines. I have written about the food we enjoy, the company we keep, and the yarn in my knitting basket. Sometimes, I have written about teaching, but more often not as the blog has been a relaxation away from the craziness of teaching.

Two summers ago, I learned about student blogging in response to literature. A colleague shared the successes she and her students enjoyed and the challenges they faced together blogging for a year while reading and working together in the classroom. Since then, student blogging has been on my mind. It seemed to me a perfect marriage of what I hold important in the college classroom: discussion, response, reflection, writing, reading, defining, and engaging. This semester, I have decided to give it a try.

Welcome to something new. If you have decided to blog, I hope you find a fun learning experience through this process that will last long after the semester has ended. If you are writing in the rough, with fearless pen or pencil, then I invite you to read along as we venture out.


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