Getting to Know Your Audience

This was a fun discussion board that let us all learn something new about each other by answering each question. I think each question let us know about one interest of the person asking the question.

I really enjoyed the question posted by VC. “If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be?” My Grandma always used to say “It is not how old you are, it is how old you feel”. The majority of the replies were in the mid-twenties to mid-thirties. I think everybody wants to be young again. I myself cannot believe I am 41 years old. The years have gone by fast and seem to get quicker with each passing year. That is why I don’t have birthdays anymore, I have anniversaries.

I learned a great deal about the audience as a whole. We have all figured out that you cannot make all the people happy all of the time. The people in the U.S. will not all be happy with the President no matter who we put into office. We all said the oil companies were greedy folks. We all said we enjoy listening to different kinds of music. I don’t think there is anyone in the world that doesn’t enjoy some type of music.

It seems to me that we all would enjoy living somewhere else. Is this really true? All the places that were mentioned in responses were some place that that person had visited, including mine. Is it true that there are greener pastures elsewhere? Or, are they just great places to visit and there is no place like home.

In the majority of the class we have established these things:

1. The best thing in life is family. (this includes parents, grandparents, children, spouses, and significant others)
2. The top three picks on winning the lottery were, in order, family, savings, and donating to charity. We are a pretty charitable group of people.
3. The class is divided down the middle between being cat people or dog people. I have always heard that cat people are very laid back and dog people are needy. Maybe this is true, maybe not. Maybe we need to call the dog whisperer and ask him.
4. The top three wishes were; win the lottery and get rich, cure all diseases, and to stop all domestic violence and child abuse. There were a few interesting wishes, like invisibility. That would come in real handy now and then. And also, the third wish of one person was to have three more wishes. You could wish forever if you did that.

We had many different majors in this class. The one theme I read in each response is that they are all going to school to do what they love to do. It’s like we are random beings meeting here online and then, after summer, we will go our separate ways.

I believe that I saw many different aspects of the people in my class through this exercise. I saw that we have many things in common even though we may not come from the same background or even culture. I think it will help knowing who I am writing to. For example, in my question about types of books and authors, I will now know who likes to read fantasy and romance. Those are the people who will most likely by my true audience. They will be the ones who will mostly “get” me as a person and a writer.

A few things really surprised me. The first, some responses were just that-a response with no explanation or expansion on the topic. The second, I really thought we might have a real political debate going on the President question. Thank goodness no one got into real depth on that one. The third, I thought more people would do research on the gas question. I took that she wanted a technical answer so I gave both.

In conclusion, I will respond again to the last question on the board by TK. I swear that, for the duration of the summer course, I will not smack my lips when I am eating, I will not be late, I will not procrastinate, I will not talk over others or interrupt anyone, I will do my dishes and will not have dirty feet, I will cover my cough and clear the time on the microwave, I will not underestimate anyone, and I will do all my work myself. Thank goodness I don’t have any children that could misbehave in public; I will be very busy not doing all this other stuff.


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  1. I like this essay because the questions asked can be answered in many ways and be individualized by the answers just how she wants it. She wants to know her audience.

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