Take Care

I think it is sometimes important for me to remind students that they need to take good care.  This is a good reminder for me as well.  As I am sitting here this morning, with cup of coffee in hand and the sun shining through the windows of my home office, my mind is racing in circles thinking of all the things I have to do.  Each role I play in life brings with it things to do.  What I have discovered is simple.  There are very few times when there is nothing to do.  This is a given.  Having things to do is a fact of life.  Managing those things to do is the key.

There are many things to do this weekend.  As a teacher, I need to tweak, revise, and proof for the next week.  I need to plan what is happening online and in the classroom.  There is also that new class, new material, and new beginnings this semester.  There are meetings and appointments to prepare for.

As a mother, there are bangs to trim, clothes to wash, meals to cook, shopping to do so the things I have to do next week are not as difficult as they might be without the shopping.  There is also some roller skating to do and Sunday bread to bake.

As a wife, I need to reconnect with my husband.  We should hold hands while watching a movie, fold towels together, and not forget to kiss goodnight.  Our schedules are opposite this semester to help raise a grand-daughter.  I miss him.

As a person I need to feed my creative spirit.  Make sure the last of Christmas is packed away and pull out the hearts for Valentine’s day.  Should I make cupcakes?  Sure.  My studio is a mess, so add this to the list.  Blog a little.  Take some pictures.  Work on that baby blanket as it is nearly finished.  This all helps me to stop and take note of the little things in my life that I love.

All of this is good – even the have-to-dos.  But, I can’t do any of this unless I take care of myself.  I need to move, drink water and sleep a little more.  I need to sometimes just stop. I need to take care so I am good at what I do and that is what students need to do, too.  Take care.  Take a day off each week not to work, not to do school, and not to check e-mail unless it is for fun.  Pick a day, an afternoon, a morning, or even an hour each day to just be off.

My day off from school is Sunday.  I won’t check discussion boards that day.  I won’t answer student e-mail.  I won’t.  If I do, I expect you to call me on it.  I might have a good reason, but might not, as I am a bit of a to-do-aholic.  I will help you and you can help me to take better care.

~Ms. A.


One Response

  1. I very much like this post and agree with you. I believe everyone (especially parents) need a “me time” all for themselves, be it even one hour a day like you mentioned.

    Feel better, Ms. A, and take care of yourself.

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