FfOoRrMhUaLtAe,” (formula for hate) by Alvaro Alvillar

What is your response to this work of art?

Respond thoughtfully, thoroughly and carefully to this prompt.  This would be a good time to think critically about your personal response.


41 Responses

  1. Art is an expression of emotion and as such is meant to provoke it as well. Such provocation can change your perception of the world, if it is good art. According to his article, it appears that the person most enlightened as a result of this work was Mr. Alvillar himself. Ironically, his perception of the world was changed as a result of his own art, and the reactions it provoked. It was surely painful for him, but illuminating as well, as good art often is.

    I have a great deal of intellectual respect for Mr. Alvillar after reading his article. It isn’t easy to have the scales fall from your eyes, but he faced it with courage and maturity, and accepted the responsibility for the reactions his art provoked, even though many of those reactions weren’t what he intended.

  2. As the definition of “Art” proclaims, art is simply the expression of emotion and thought made to invoke emotion and thought. What a person makes as “Art” and what others see in the art should not be pressured or restricted. This is a free country we live in and not person should be held against what they feel right or free thought.
    On the other hand, if the art is to hold content even possibly seen as inappropriate or controversial, I believe public officials and private owners of where art is displayed have full right to restrict the showing of anything, strongly along the lines of reason of stated justification.
    This artwork, like nearly all others, is just a statement made by the artist to the world. His “Statement” was put with a question in his art that he might very well be asking himself after his feelings he had to write the first statement. That is only known to the artist. Regardless of what is meant deeply, this work holds some very negitive and possibly offisive material .
    In all, I do respect an artist to their opinion but I would not appretiate the work out in public and constant display.

  3. Art is not one of my interest but this art is powerful and i can respect it. The message these paintings are stating are powerful and make you think about their meaning. “it is ok for me to hate if i have been a victim”. I agree with this work of art and when looking at it i get a feeling of power. Alvillar gets his message across to his audience in a powerful and meaningful way. I could start to appreciate art more if i found art that interest me like this art.

  4. Sec. 116

    I find it interesting how this artist went about expressing race. When you first look at it the colors draw you in. Then, you have to concentrate to really see what it says. After you figure that out it takes a moment for it to really sink in and therefore you are left to think about it. I think it’s awesome how this artist went about this piece or pieces! It makes you think and realize how much racial problems are still out there even if you don’t see it in everyday life or you just simply don’t realize it when you see it.

  5. This is interesting, but I would want to know more about the writer if it is a personal writing. If it is a generalized statment, the meaning is almost different. My response would be, Is the victims hatred justified by that of the original hater? Hipocracy I would say in it’s simplest form.

  6. This art piece seems that the artist is trying to show his hate for the white man. I don’t agree with his statement even if he is correct. The artist must have issues with life, I’m thinking he’s pissed off at the world. The US flags in the back ground show he doesn’t have pride in this country when he’s dissing the white folk that live in it.

  7. To me this transcends the issue of racism. In all likelyhood someone got offended at the “art” of Mr. Alvillar and probably is justified in doing so. It is not what some consider politically correct, but is still the considerations of what this man has gone through. He has the right to explain his thoughts and it is our one and only duty to decide whether we enjoyed it or not. That is natural tolerance, and that is what we as humans must focus on. It is not that this man might be racist because in all likelyhood we are all racist. To accept other races as the same as you and I is over-tolerance, just the same way that attacking one specific race is under-tolerance. One must look at the underlying issues before stating what is right or wrong and I feel that is the basic understanding that should be taken from this “art”. When we as students of society view this art in a frame of mind that is not tolerant to the artist then we are not gaining in any art because your view will only allow a certain amount of conclusions. The way in which my view interacts with your view is not a loss on the side attempting to make a point, it is a loss on my side for not covering the reasoning behind your point.

  8. I don’t believe that you should hate any body but pity them. I think that the art states an opinion. Is it okay to dislike something or choose not to surround yourself with something that you don’t like the answer is yes.

  9. This is supposed to be art? Just because someone can spit out neon letters into a sentance doesnt make something art… as in a painting or orchastrated masperpiece in music. If we can call this art, are we not putting Divinci and Michaelangelo to shame? Banksy is more politically moving than whoever this is.

    I know more modern poets with attention grabbing prose than this… whatever its supposed to be.

  10. I understand the point of the art, and why the artist did it. Very brave. On the other hand, I didn’t connect with it on an emotional level. Now that doesn’t mean I think it is bad art because, actually I think all art is good. Unless you are to make art on something specific, I think it would be hard to judge it. If it only touches one person (could even be the artist) that doesn’t mean its bad art. Right? How would the scale work? Connects with 10 people its ‘ok’ 50 people its ‘great’ 100 people it’s a ‘masterpiece’? I appreciate all art in its entirety even if I don’t connect with it. It’s awesome for someone to just put their emotion into a physical form for us to see, interpret and try and piece into our own lives.

  11. art is an expression of oneself. art will always be unique. i think this art is pretty cool. you can never critize someones art because everyone is different. it might be ugly for you but for others its a masterpiece for them. I dont believe in hate. its just a waste of time. life is to short to hate!

  12. Art is a form of expresstion there for the point is that the artist can express him self any way shape or form. Art expresses many emotions but, it doesn’t mean every one has to ether agree with it or like it. It just gets his emotion or his view point out to where the world can see what he is thinking at that point. I do have a thought about this form of art and i do not like it. I do like that way he formed word in to the quilt but, i don’t like what he had to say because if he had said POLITICALLY ITS OK TO HATE THE BLACKMAN he would have went to jail for being racist. however if this guy is black and said this there is nothing done about . maybe I’m being racist i don’t know but i really think that I’m being completly reasonable.

  13. Art is very personal and everyone sees it in their own way. I do not kind this kind of art very compelling. This piece does not connect with me at all. It could be because I am color blind and have a hard time picking out the letters embedded in it. The statements that I can read are neither ground breaking or mind blowing.

  14. Art is literally a form of communication. This allows for an evocation of emotion, expression, and etc. This form of art is what I would call “art for art’s sake”, because it does not exemplify an artist’s progression of perfecting a particular craft, but a progression of an artist perfecting a concept within themselves. The subject matter is that of racism, which bores me. Racism was an argument from the south preceding the Civil War in order to justify their need for labor. This was due to the lack of air conditioning, and the horrible, unbearable heat of the south during this time period. Any issues that surround this silly justification, to me, have been over done. However, the art successfully communicates the emotion of the artist, creating a questioning of ethical standards within the art. If it matters, I like that someone has questioned societal standards, because I feel this is the only way we can break misconceptions about humanity. In conclusion, this art successfully prompts a question within me, causing me to critically think about racism against the white man, and the origin of racism: hate.

  15. I don’t understand what kind of art this is. Honestly, I don’t think it’s very unique and it doesn’t catch my attention. I can’t read what the first one says, but the others I can. I don’t agree that if someone does you wrong, you are allowed to hate them. You must forgive and forget no matter how hard it is too.
    Every form of art is some kind of expression and means something to the artist. But, this one does not catch my attention.

  16. At first the art work confused me. Not that it isn’t hard to do that but once I took a second look it began to sink in a little bit. Then I took a third look and can form an opinion. Message aside the artwork itself is beautiful the play on texture and colors I thought was eye catching and swift. The tone itself seemed to change with the different meanings. I don’t think the messages were necessarily meant to cause anyone to go “Huh?”. I think this person was probably having a “Day”. The one where everything just becomes a pain and you want to get some things off your chest. Other than that the artist’s work itself was just as outgoing in color as it was in word prompt.

  17. Art as expression is okay in the eyes of a critic. However, political views are often controversial. During the Civil War, Confederates would create paintings and propoganda promoting slavery, while the Union would belittle the Confederates.

    Anything created by the human hand is “art” in a sense, but can a book be art? Or an article? This is how I see these above “paintings”. I see them as “quotes” or “articles”. So, no. In my opinion, they should not be art.

  18. To play devil’s advocate, if I sneeze into a tissue, unfold it, and nail it to a wall, claiming its an expression of my soul… is that art? I say it is! Because from what Im reading from some of these people, if its an emotion, if I expressed something, whether its good or not… I can still call it art.

    We act like art doesnt require any technique, training, skill, or stern scrutiny. Weve become so loose in our determination of art, that those who really do work hard at creating something new, are not nearly as interesting as those who take a dump on the art room floor.

    “How bold!” people will say! “How brave! It’s like, he doesnt care what we think!” Then they internalize it,”I think this poo means something… if it isnt saying all art is sh!t then maybe we are? No wait, I see the face of Jesus here…”

    The best thing about art is that it can be debated. But I do think it is better to research art as a whole before we take off, calling everything we see and do, art…just so we can claim ourselves as neat art people.

  19. I don’t care much for art, but I do like this piece. Why? For me I see it as the way Mr. Alvillar worked through a time in his life. From the art you can tell at one time he struggled with this. It was his kind of therapy if you will. To work through what he was feeling.

  20. Without any prior knowledge of the artist, I have to wonder what drove him to create this piece. Was he/she themselves a victim to racism or of hate? Why was the “white man” specifically aimed to be hated? Is there an answer really being sought out or are they being rhetorical? With the American Flags being the background, I think it’s a mocking tactic. This could just show a vicious circle, the hater was hated, the hater is now hating, those he/she hated now hate others and those who have been hated start to hate. Does it ever end?

  21. Why should it be politically okay to hate anyone? It’s understandable if you have been hurt by someone, but isn’t hate what they will expect? Maybe it’s what they are wanting. It’s hard to forgive someone, but it is truly divine. I have heard the best way to actually get under someone’s skin is to forgive them. Hate is easier to ignore, but I think forgiveness demands to be heard.

  22. I can understand the artist’s initial feels of wanting to hate the white man and wondering if it is justified to do so. Anytime someone faces becoming victimized by another feelings of hatred can come about and that’s not something that can be just pushed away and not dealt with. I think there is a big difference from hating the individual and hating the race or gender or religion. We only create more victims and more hate if we continue to blame the group not the individual for a crime.

    I think with out really knowing Mr. Alvillar I can’t make a judgement on him or his art but I think he does manage to raise some good points about racial feeling in America that have not died out in over a hundred years which really is the fault of all American’s combined. We need to judge based on the individual not the masses.

  23. I dont really take the time to look at a lot of art but right after lookin at it I can tell this piece has a lot of meaning. It is expressing fellings in the form of a picture. This is a great form of art and i think people can really relate to this.

  24. This piece of artwork is very interesting and raises racial questions in a way that they normally are not raised. Usually when raise is brought up it is only directed toward the minorities but as our society is getting more diverse it is easy to see that there are issues with race from all walks of life and all colors of skin. There is still a racial problem from whites to other minorities but there now is a backlash from the minorities that is pushing hate on whites. Racism wasn’t right when whites did it and it still isn’t right now in an act of revenge. i really appreciate the art piece because it is very simple yet effective. With the American flag as a backdrop the simple statements show some of the thinking in America. This piece speaks to me in that as Americans we need to strive to break this mold of racism that has brought our country down since the founding of it.

  25. the beauty of art, is that it can be anything you want it to be, a self expression that you can create. while i dont particularly enjoy Alvaro Alvillar’s art, it is his own. i do understand and respect the artists feelings, and the basis of this country is freedom. freedom to do what you want and freedom of expression. however, i would not appreciate these pieces being on display and find it a bit offensive.

  26. When looking at this art, not only does it make me think about it, but it also makes me wonder why would a person write something like this. As i looked at the pics and read what they said, it really made me think. Maybe the artist was victim of hate or racism? Another thing i thought about was the word “hate.” The artist used this word, but to me “hate” is one of those really harsh words, and one you should never really direct at someone. Another thing is about the political views. Most people never really talk about their views or who they voted for simply to keep it confidential. I really didn’t get that one….

  27. Art is something that should be used to express your emotions. It is not up to us to censor anyones emotions; therefore, it is not up to us to censor their art.
    I am not particularly fond of these works of art, simply because they do not spark emotion or feeling for me. Does this mean that the art is bad? I would say no.

  28. It is hard for me to consider this to be art. The flags are a simble to must of us in this country, but to add the political statments to them is wrong in so many ways i don’t know where to begin. To me our flag represents the honer and strenth of our great nation. It honers the men and women who have given the ultimit sacrifice for this country. The fought and died for our freedoms and this art, to me, goes agenst every thing they fought for. I understand that this peace is art and the artist is free to express him or her self in any way they choice, but to me art is in the eye of the beholder and this just is not it.

  29. How can this be considered art? To me this is not art. The flag is a symble to many people in this counrty, for many diferent reasons. To me, our flag represents the honor and freedom this counrty was founded on. It honors the brave men and women who gave the altimit sacrefice for this prode nation, and the freedoms the they protect. Art is an expresion of the artist and what that person wants to covay, but art is also in the eye of the beholder. This may be considered art to some, but to it is just another political statement in a long line of them. When are the people of this counrty going to stop thrashing the values this country was found on and Be proud of what this counrty is and stands for. We are the counrty every one eles want to be. We are a counrty where freedom lives and liberty is a way of life. Without these we are just another counrty that cares not about its people, but the power that they have.

  30. Art is an expression of a person’s emotions and I feel that a person has the right to express themselves in any way they like. Not everyone is going to like what you or I might think is great art.

  31. The first posting is very confusing to me. I know that it has a message in it and is trying to say something about the government. The message is incomplete and blurred. I could not make out what it was trying to say. I feel that it may have been written bby a racist person because in the second picture I could make out the word white man. This could have been from a different time period where they used these types of terms for people. The number on the back drop I’m sure are very important and play a significant role in what message is trying to be delivered.

  32. Sometimes art can be anything that causes arguements in our daily lives. But in the same sense art can be used to express your emotions. If you feel that you have emotions that you need to express then art may be your “vent” so to say.

  33. No, it is not ok to hate. However, when we have been wronged there is a process of time that it will take to get to the point of forgiveness. The benifit of forgivness is not for the person who did the wrong against someone else. but for the victim. For the victim’s complete healing they need to forgive.

  34. I see many defenitions of art here, but I think that people can agree that art is an expression of something. What is it an expression of? Emotion? Opinion? Social views? It all depends on what the art is, I suppose.

    Nonetheless, these works by Alvaro Alvillar seem to me like they are a statement of our society today. Judging from the words and phrases he uses in this art, it does not seem to me like he is making a serious statement about his own views, but instead what is “acceptable” to our modern society. In short he is saying that racism against those who were racist in the past is accepted as “okay.” I believe the message that Alvillar is trying to get across is that racism is still racism. It’s also possible that he’s trying to get a message across to anyone who has been and still happens to be racist, and has not been a victim. Perhaps he is trying to get them to think what it would be like if someone treated them differently because of their race. He could be trying to express either of these things or perhaps both.

  35. Art can be anything really. You can express any thing that you want to. Personally it dosent make much sense to me. It doesent mean im a dumb redneck, its just that i reallly dont care. The picture was too busy to study very well. But like i said, art is what ever you want it to be.

  36. I love art but im not to fond of this art. The very last one is ok but it just doesn’t seem like real art to me. It doesn’t really take me anywhere in thought.

  37. This was very interesting in that it said “Is it ok to politically hate the white man” It really makes you think but at the same time its hard on my eyes.

  38. I thought this piece of art was really interesting. I don’t think it is representing racism. It is simply making a statement and then asking an honest question that everyone probably asks at some time in their life. In the political world, it is classic for all minorities to be looked at as victims whether or not they have been victims of racism or not, so I understand the first statement. I think the artist is leaning towards being racist bcause of acts of hate or prejudice towards them in their past. For me the answer to the question is, of course, no. Nobody has the right to hate as a response to hate. Just because the author is asking a question though doesn’t mean they are racist.

  39. racism is every where and sometimes it is hard to know where line of racism should be drawn. we as people were taught right from wrong but what is wrong to some is not to others. i know that everyone is judged for things as little as how big their noses are to things like the colour of their skin. it makes me sad and scared to see how much ugly and hate is in this world.

  40. We no longer live in a country where free speech is allowed. The so called free thinkers on the left have decided to stifle free speech with political correctives and terms such as “hate speech.” Actually, the only reason to stifle someone’s right to free speech is because you cannot accept someone thinking differently than you, and you must silence him. This is tyranny regardless of whether you agree with it or not. As a black man, I am not offended if a white man called me a nigger. That is his problem, not mine.

    We have a long history of hatred of various kinds in this country. Hatred of non-Christians. Hatred of Christians. Hatred of black people. Hatred of white people. Hatred of the right and hatred of the left. ITS INSANE!

    We have a double standard in this country because weak people feel the need to control their environment. They seek to enforce niceness on everyone. Life doesn’t work that way. Life is hard and people think what they think whether someone likes it or not. If some artwork bothers you, don’t look at it. If someone on TV or the radio offends your perfect and pristine ears, turn the channel! Grow up!

    Liberal artists create art all the time that is extremely offensive to Christians and conservatives. That doesn’t bother me in the least. Let the artists be free to express themselves! But don’t go jumping down the throat of an artist that doesn’t think the same way as you. If an artist loves John Wayne and Apple Pie and the American flag and says something controversial in his painting, so what? Let the conservative artists express themselves too!

    Our lives grow when all people are free to explore their thoughts and dreams. There is no need to push anyone under thumb to keep them down.

    But people are held back by society, no matter who is in charge making the rules.It works both ways! People on all sides of the aisle are equally guilty.

    What a hypocritical society we live in.

    Adults need to grow up and be adults! And artists need to be artists. Let them create!

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