Motorcyle Art Survey


Leave a comment that answers the following questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Include your name and section number in order to receive credit for this assignment.  Please post by Tuesday, December 8.

Are you able to look past the paint job and enjoy the bike as a sculpture?

Can you see a significant difference in the two styles?

When looking at these bikes what is your favorite part?

Which style, East or West, do you prefer?

Are you able to appreciate all different aspects of the chopper? (example, custom pipes, fork shape, headlamps)



33 Responses

  1. Question 1: The paint job it nice, but the bike itself bears a much more profound reaction.

    Question 2: The styles have a lot of similarities, however, to the person constructing the bike, it could very much be significant, especially with the process of assembly.

    Question 3: The chrome finish is definatley an attraction for me!

    Question 4: West! That’s my homeland!!!

    Question 5: Of course. Time and appreciation are put into creating a magnificent work of art!

  2. i think that the west coast bike is very nice but on the other hand the east coast bike i just Spectacular. just the fact that the back tire don’t have a bearing but runs is simply Amazing.

  3. The painting of a bike is nearly the last step in production; I see the colors and patterns as the inner most expression of the bike and its creator. Along with the shape and structure these designs are displayed as a badge of identity for the owner, and I feel they go hand in hand as far as admiring the bike is concerned. There is a difference between the coast styles; the west coast choppers are more chunky and hard in appearance. Where as the east coast are sleek, they give me a feeling of minimalism. They are essentially the same, but the fact there creators are in different environments’ is evident. I love the black east coast bike, its back tire specifically. I can not pin down exactly why it strikes me so, it simply does. My father works on bikes, they come second only to his job. I watch him sometimes working in the garage, and I see the immense craftsmanship required of him, the patience and passion he has for his bikes. While I can respect these bikes, I will never fully appreciate all aspects of them, simply because it is not all within my experience.

  4. 1. I first see the sculpture and the details of the bike itself before i see the paint job. The east coast style has a unique sculpture and jumps out at you.

    2. The two styles are very similar. The difference i see is the East Coast style is more slender built than the West Coast style.

    3. The design of the wheels are my favorite part on both bikes.

    4. The East coast style is my favorite.

    5. I am not able to appreciate all the different aspects. When i see a bike i just see the whole bike not the individual parts.

  5. Sec. 116

    1.) I have never thought of it in this context, but
    after reading the question and looking it over
    again but in a different way, yes you could
    look at it as a sculpture.
    2.) They don’t seem to look all that different. Yet,
    at the same time they have their own
    personalities(you might say) given to them by
    their creator.
    3.) I like how the motor seems to be the center
    piece, it seems that it sticks out more to me.
    That and I like the wheels.
    4.) I like the east coast style the best! But I guess
    that is because I like the bottom picture the
    5.) Yes I can appreciate all the different aspects
    the bike as i think i have previously shown a
    little bit.

  6. Section:109
    Question 1: I can look past the paint job, its nice to look at a bike like that to learn the difference in all of them. thats what all bikes and cars star out as. It also gives me and my dad to bond a little bit, so I do enjoy it.

    Question 2:The choppers look much more elongated and seem closer to the ground (not as high up). I know there are more but either way both bikes are nice and have a design all there own.

    Question 3: I don’t really have a favorite part about the bikes. Too my a bike is something my dad and I can talk about and enjoy riding not what it looks like. The time sent on it not, talking about it, making it in the creators case, and riding it are the things I enjoy about bikes.

    Question 4: I don’t prefer either of them, but I do like them. But I like the rockets better. With these bikes your laid back just sitting there as to where a rocket you leaning forward. Its in your face and in the action.

    Question 5: To me a bike is a bike if is different its okay, because someone else like the style and would rather go with that. I like a difference and enjoy differences. Talking about different types of bikes with my dad is fun and informative to me. If all of them were the same we would have nothing to talk about. So I do like the differences.

  7. 1.) The paint job is very apealing, but the body of the bike is a work of art in its self (a quality that caught my eye as well).
    2.)The West Coast had more upper body, while the East Coast was more elongated and slenderized.
    3.) The colors really stand out, even the black because of its boldness.
    4.) I think I would prefer West Coast simply because it looks more comfortable. The East Coast body style would require you to be more hunched over.
    5.) Yes, the accessories really add to the basic properties of the bike and make each one unique. The wheels in the black East Coast bike stand out the most to me.

  8. To me a paint job means nothing. In my opinion the work and the culmination of such is the real art involved in this example. Bikes that look spectacular hold very little meaning if they drive worse than a standard bike. In the west the bikes remain true to chopper influences and still maintain a level of utility not seen in the east. Whereas the east incorporates new concepts and futuristic ideas into designs regularly. To give an example the eastern bike has an oiling system that actually uses the inside of the frame to cool oil allowing the motor to sit lower in the frame. I would have to say that is also my favorite part on these bikes, although ultimately I feel you cant pick a favorite because the two are so different in concept. In their own respects both bikes are art, but too appreciate them without riding them is decietful to me because in my mind looking at them can make you happy but riding them can trully change you.

  9. 1. I can look past the paint job for sure. The body design or frame is fantastic for all kinds of bikes out there.

    2. I can see differences but I dont have the vocabulary or sensitivity to express it clearly.

    3.My favorite part about bikes is the thought that went into them. They have so much character.

    4. I like the East coast style.

    5. No. I am dumb when it comes to the specifics of motorcycles and their working parts. If I rode them, that would probably be different. But I have no desire really in terms of becoming road kill if a car hit me. But I know I’d look so cool if I did ride one.

  10. by looking at these bikes you dont really see a big difference. they are almost the same but after you put some artwork in it then it gives us a different view.

    yes, a bike could a sculpture. you put some effort and time to fix it and make it look good. something like that will always make you proud.

    my favorite part of the bike is the rims. it seems the rims will always bring the beauty of the bike.

    i prefer the west. the bike with the black paint looks pretty simple and i dont like bikes with a lot of color.

  11. 1. I had to look at it twice after reading the second part of the question. After I did, yes I could. The paint job is the first that catches my eye. The sculpture of the bike is very interesting.
    2. A lot of the styles are similar, but to each person it’s different. No two people see the same as the other.
    3. The engine. It’s so amazing to me how engineers can put that together and how every piece is significant to the other. If something isn’t working, then it won’t run at all.
    4. West, because the East coast seems really long and hard to reach.
    5. Yes. It goes a long with what I said earlier about how it’s amazing to me how engineers put these together. You have to be really talented in that area to be able to put it together.

  12. 1) I do see a bike, not a sculpture. But the paint really gives it a sense of identity.

    2) Yes, I do. One bike looks very “Evel Kinevel-y” while the other is very industrial.

    3) The overall creativity is unique and fun to look at.

    4) I prefer the West. The pipes and tubes make them look like they were made in the past, like steam-engines.

    5) I can definitely appreciate the time spent to create the bike, but they seem more like display bikes than one that someone would ride.

  13. A.1.) In this kinda artwork I think that it’s more about showiness than the bike. I love the work of the bike it’s still a show of strength and work.
    A.2.)The only differences I see in the bikes are the tail pipes and engine styles. While west coast seems to typicall have larger engines and two tail pipes. East coast has the one tail pipe and a much smaller engine.
    A.3.) I like the wheels in both kinds of styles. They are wicked looking. Although they look like something would gte stuck, but still.
    A.4.) I like the East coast one with the black bike. The one with the weird seat it looks like you could just laydown on it. 🙂
    A.5.) In a way yes, but at the same time with so much going on you have to look at these bikes multiple times which is great cause you always find something new. At the same time my eyes kinda hurt too.

  14. Q1: With every vehicle I look at I always look at the body of it first. The smoothness in the curves, or the boxed shapes. I look at the paint job last, because I like the different shapes of them.

    Q2: I do not see a huge difference, but there is quite a difference. For instance, the east coast ones look longer and the engine is in a different position making it look even more different.

    Q3: My favorite part of the bikes is where the gas tank goes to the handle bars and down to the front tire. I’m not sure why this is my favorite part, but whenever I look at a bike I always pay closer attention to that part before any other one.

    Q4: With the pictures given here, I prefer the east coast one better than the west coast one.

    Q5: I am able to appreciate

  15. Q5: I am able to appreciate the different aspects of a chopper. I don’t know exactly what is what, but the shapes of them when what I like.

  16. 1) I can look past the paint job. I think of the process, time, sweat and tears that went into it to get the end product. How amazing it is to start from scratch and build an awesome bike.

    2) There is a difference in the bikes. The west coast bikes catch your eye because mainly of the color. The east coast bikes catch your eye because they are not something you see all the time.

    3) My favorite part is to think of all the work that has gone into the bikes themselves. To see how cool it is that they have different styles of bikes. Styles you don’t really see out on the road in everyday life.

    4) I can’t say that I like either one better. I think that both coasts have awesome bikes.

    5) I can appreciate all aspects of a bike because all the effort and work that goes into it. There’s so many things you can do to make a bike your own.

  17. 1. absolutely, in fact it could even show the sculpting and metal work more easily if the paint monochromatic

    2. yes I believe that the eastern bike is sleeker in design and iappears that the west coast made more of an artistic statement with the pipes

    3. as a journeyman in the pipe trades I really enjoy the exhaust pipes from the technical work as well as a sculpture

    4.I am not exactly sure why but I find the West Coast bikes most pleasing to me

    5. i have the most basic idea of the work which went into these rolling pieces of art and yes i enjoy the many subtle differences in each bike

  18. 1) I can’t just look at the bike, the painting is what attracts my attention the most. If i look past the paint, the bike itself bothers me because the handle bars are at an annoying distance.

    2) I don’t really see a difference. I feel like I’m playing that game “what’s different between these pictures”.

    3) My favorite part are the rims, especially the last bike, it doesn’t even have a center to the tire, that’s incredible

    4)I would prefer the East Coast because the all black bike has the nicest wheels.

    5)No, i can’t appreciate it as a whole. When I see them i only wish i were riding one, and when i’m riding one i am wishing i didn’t have to sit so rediculously close to the person driving. I enjoy my bubble space.

  19. 1. I don’t really see a sculpture as something you can use and ride. I see the motorcycle as a machine, to be honest, something that can be used.
    2. The only difference I see is how the handlebars are done.
    3. I like the chrome part body.
    4. West coast, because I like the handlebars better.
    5. I have to say I am ignorant about motorcycles. All I know is I got burned by one once. So no, I can’t really appreciate it cause I don’t know it.

    • 1. i think it does look like a sculpture be it doesn’t seem like its functional, like it would be a beast to ride.

      2. the pipes, style of paint, handlebars, and they sit different

      3. the paint jobs were rockin’

      4. east. it just seems more advanced

      5. i love motorcycles but so many people die each year from them that i think that they should just be used as a way of expression rather than to ride

  20. 1. I think it is hard for me to get past the bike’s paint. I can see that there is a lot of thought and work put into the bike’s whole but it seems that a few of the bike’s pictured want you to look at the paint first and think about the rest of it later.

    2. Yes, the east vs west styles have their own signature themes. It seems that east coast bikes have a lower profile overall and have someone sitting at a different angle.

    3. I really like the wheels. I think the bikes just draw your eyes to the front wheel.

    4. I like the east coast style because they seem to go with a simpler (kinda) style and the pipes seem to look nicer.

    5. I probably can not appreciate as much as I should. It seems to me that when it comes to motorcycles a lot of the art comes in when the rider gets added on.

  21. The bikes them selfs are works of art with or with out an amazing paint job. On these bikes every part seems to flow with the rest of the bike. By looking at these two different styles it looks like the east coast bikes tend to have a longer look to them and a lower look. The west coast bikes look like more traditional choppers. My favorite part of these bikes are the gas tanks. They are shaped to flow along with the body of the bike. I prefer the west coast style more because it just sticks out to me more for some reason

  22. 1. i think it would be hard to look past the bikes paint job because thats a huge part of the bikes style its self. though its easy to look at the bike its self as a work of art with its sleek design.

    2. the bikes in general have the same shape to me, but there are subtle differences such as the east coast bikes have a bit shorter handlebars. the east coast bikes also seem to have a sleeker design. the pipes are also a bit different.

    3. my favorite aspect to the bikes would be all of it, the over all sleekness and style of the bikes and all of the custom paint work.

    4. i like the east coast bike’s better because they are sleeker in their design.

    5. i appreciate these bikes. its easy to see that they took quite a long time to build and customize.

  23. When looking at these two different sets of choppers, I can deffinately see past the paint and notice a few differences. One difference I can see are the shape of the forks, and where the handle bars sit. West Coast choppers seem to want the riders hands up by their head, where as East Coast choppers want the rider’s hands a little off to the side of their body. Another difference is West Coast Choppers sure love their chrome pieces (motor, exhaust pipes, forks, rims). East Coast choppers seem more focused on how big the frame of the bike is stretched out, and what kind of crazy wheels can they put on. The last picture on East Coast choppers was a chopper with a hubless back tire. That is pretty crazy considering the spokes on your rims is what keeps your rim from bending, cracking, breaking, etc…… My favorite part would have to deffinately be that hubless chopper, but when it comes down to it, I would prefer the West Coast chopper because it seems more eye appealing. The West Coast chopper has more chrome pieces, a bigger motor with some crazy exhaust pipes, and always has some eye catching paint job.

  24. When looking at these bikes i see the paint job and the intricate design of the pipes and chrome. I am a sucker for symmetry, and these bikes are not laking any.
    Regarding East and West coast bikes, there are two major differences i see; the west style is usually shorter with higher handlebars, the east coast style has longer forks and the handlebars sit the rider farther forward.
    The back wheel on the bikes are my favorite part.
    East cost styles of chopper grab my attention more than the west; however, i am fairly indifferent to the style of bike altogether.
    I appreciate the chopper style in the same way i appreciate the cars on Flintstones, they make no sense to ride; although they are creative.

  25. Q1: Takeing the paint away from the bike diminishes it. To see it as a hole makes it that more impresive.

    Q2: To me, the west style uses more color. Whal the east is more about desine.

    Q3: To me, the distenct lines of the bikes are impresive.

    Q4: Both styles are great, but i would have to lean more to the east style. It’s bold and stands out more.

  26. Questions one and two seem to be related so I will answer them together. It seems that the only way for me to get past the paint job of these bikes is to choose the one from each that doesn’t really focus on it. I feel like this is because I don’t see the difference in the overall style of the bikes they seem the same to me, but this is coming from someone who knows very little about the structure of bicycles. I believe knowing more would give me a better appreciation for the styles. because I am sure their is a difference between them; I just don’t have the ability to point them out.

    Out of the two styles presented I enjoy the rusted look that the West coast style has. The last of the pictures. I think this particular picture gives a certain uniqueness and perhaps if I didn’t focus som much on structure I would be able to comment more on this, but again it relates more to a paint scheme, more than structure.

    I think my favorite is the West Coast. I connect better with that feel more than I do the other. This strangely enough comes from the fact that I don’t see, or can’t see East coasters ride motorcycles whether they do, or not.

    Lastly, it is hard for me to appreciate what I am seeing with these bikes beyond the color, or scheme that the artist was going for, but I believe that art is very much in the eye of the beholder and in that I can see how many people can find this art and I would too, if I knew more about it.

    I hope this helped.

  27. I don’t really look past the paint and chrome of the bike. The bikes are so shinny I can’t get into the bike and see the components and what makes the bike work. The detail that has gone into these bikes is immaculate and the time spent is a sign of true passion. The significant difference that I can see that stands out to me is the East Coast Style is more stream line and sleek and the West Coast Style is more up right and broad. My favorite part of the bikes are the variety between them. No two bikes are the same. Each bike is unique and same at the same time. They are all peoples passions and dreams built from the ground up. I would have to say that I prefer the East coast Style because i like the stream line look a lot more. The bikes look like they are going fast while they are just sitting there.

  28. Personally I like the West Coast style of bikes. The thing that catches my eye is the sparkle of the chrome engines. I am able to look past the paint job at the actual structure of the bikes because the owners of the bikes all have their own way of showing their personality and they are all beautiful in their own way. The way that the bikes are shaped with the custom pipes and what not is all an expression of personality. The bikes all have a different purpose in their owner’s lives.

  29. i prefer the west coast bike style and more specifically the very first picture of the orange bike because it is not overly complicated looking to the point of looking bad yet still looks beautiful.

  30. 1) I think I look directly across at the bikes as a sculpture just as any car or hand made piece.
    2) I can see the west coast’s center raised bulk compared to the east coast’s stretched front legs and a lower seat.
    3) My favorite part of the bikes are how fluid each are created to fit a human being to drive it and for the bike to divert the air around it.
    4) My favorite style has to be the east coast design. I know I would feel safer diver a more condensed chopper with the wheels much closer but I would much more prefer to dive the extended look.
    5) Appreciating a bike like these comes with the appreciation of every aspect. Each individually carved piece of metal is one part of the art in creation of a chopper.

  31. I really like all of the bikes. I didn’t notice the body structure until I saw the questions and then i really noticed the structure of the body. The bikes that really caught my eye was the east cost style bike. I liked all of them.

  32. Yes, I can see these motorcycles as art! They are colorful, unique in design and this art can actually be used. I do not see a lot of difference in the east and west styles. My favorite is the west style because of the orange paint job.

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