I Believe I Can Fly


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

~Marianne Williamson

 Here is a form of writing invention that is often helpful when trying to find a topic to journal or essay.   Listing can take us to some very interesting places to write.

 Choose the very beginnings of a phrase and list all of the possibilities. Feel free to steal any of these to prompt your writing.   Here is an example from one of my own journals.

I believe… 

            …Kool aid makes me smile.

            …women, as a gender, are is pain.

            …men, as a gender, feel abandoned.

            …race is dynamic.

            …in good deeds done.

            …in good kharma.

            …there is a clown in every circus.

            …pizza is a food group and falls under chocolate on the food pyramid.

            …slow dancing sparks old feelings into new again.

            …the foam of surf tells a story.

            …divorce is too easy and infidelity socially acceptable.

            …my students do not know how smart they are or how smart they can be.

            …words are important.

            …time is artificial and should be deleted from life.

            …laughing is healing and hugs forgiving.

            …a good book, a hot cup of tea, and a rainy day soothes the blues.

            …to do lists can be good and can be bad.

            …starvation does not have to exist.

            …we, as a people, are selfish to the point of blindness.

            …the good ones do not run for President.

            …violence is a product of lost love of mankind.

            …children are worth it every time and no matter what.

            …love is enough.

            …beach bums know something the rest of us missed.

            …a look can make, or break, a child.

            …my students are insecure about their own potential.

            …there are people in the world who should be parents.

            …I believe we are all scared of one another.

            …believe in me.

Leave a comment including your “I believe…” statement.

~Ms. A


16 Responses

  1. in humanity

  2. ….music brings people together.

  3. I believe beautiful moments of internal struggles uplift our souls

  4. I believe

    that there are second channces

    that housework can wait making memories with

    my kids is more important

    laughing, hugging and smiling is the best

    medicine for everyday life

  5. I believe

    that there are second chances

    that housework can wait making memories with

    my kids is more important

    laughing, hugging and smiling it’s the best

    medicine for everyday life

  6. I believe…

    in love at first sight.

    that love is worth climbing out on a limb for.

    that true love never ends.

    that God gives us second chances to change the mistake we made the first time.

    that true friends are like the seasons, they may go away for awhile but they always come back when its time.

  7. I believe
    ..that we all live in bubbles
    ..that wisdom has very little to do with intelligence
    ..that there is a distinct lack of manners on college campuses
    ..that arrogance is ugly
    ..that God gives everyone a purpose

  8. I believe…

    That we all control our own destiny.

  9. I believe that we are NOT defined by our gender. I believe that we are socially conditioned by culture, social status, history, religion, and whats “expected” of us. I believe that many of us assume to know who the other person is based on their gender, based on crude assumptions. I believe few people challenge old ways of thinking.

    I believed at 20 that love was enough. Now at almost 30 I know that it isnt. Love does not move mountains. In fact if moving mountains is your thing you realize you need the WHOLE universe backing you up!

    And I do believe with all my soul, beach bums do know something other people have missed.

    I believe homeless people and prostitutes are worth knowing.

    I believe we should do things that terrify us!

    I believe that nostalgia is a waste of time.

    I believe we all have a Mt. Everest to climb. Figuratively speaking.

  10. I believe…..

    we all can learn from the past….

    DnD is a stress reliever….

    I feel inferior….

  11. I believe our brains are too powerful for our mind to understand fully.

    I believe Negativity is the ultimate poison.

    I believe grudges are and inward disbelief in love.

    I believe I’m never gonna give you up!

    I believe I’m never going to let you down!

    I believe you just got rickrolled!!

  12. I believe one person makes a difference…

  13. if i close my eyes hard enough. my arms can turn into wings and the wind can carry me to places i’ve never been.

  14. I Believe..
    .. everyone should be taught manners
    .. I don’t belong here
    .. music is the best ever
    .. the ORIGINAL Halloween is better
    .. Zombie shouldn’t have touched Michael Myers
    .. dancing at the clubs is amazing fun

  15. I believe that imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. ~Marilyn Monroe~

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