Dear Students,

It is nearly time for final exams. My students are writing students and since I do not believe that writing students can show all they know about writing and their own writing processes on a two hour multiple choice, true false, short answer exam, their final is a take home final essay and an in class activity which, of course, involves writing. These in class activities are often disguised as fun and games, and laughter is often heard from my classroom, but fun or not, students are thinking and that is the best kind of college thing to do any day of the week.

College, after all, should be like kindergarten; you should learn a lot and have great time doing it.

I offer students in class time to work on and write their final essays hoping that questions that would arise without me being there will work their way to the front of the classroom while I am available. I am a resource for this work and hope they will take advantage of it.
During this time, I catch up on grading and brace for the final grading of research essays, revisions, and journals. They have worked so hard and now it shows. Inevitably, my mind begins to wander a bit diving into what I will do next semester, how I might revise each assignment, which assignments I will get rid of altogether and what new ideas I will implement. Each semester is exciting because each semester, each class, is different.
I am forever looking forward, but at the same time, feeling sad that this group of students is moving on and away. It seems by this time of the semester we are just getting to know each other. I have discovered how smart and funny they are, how much they have overcome to be in college, how difficult it is for many of them to maintain coursework, jobs, and families. I watch them push on despite the odds and they are my heroes. I should tell them this.

2 Responses

  1. OH wow. You have Grammar Girl on here. I’ll have to check into it. Are you going to leave this sight up? I hope so that way I can refer back to the helpful items you have on here. Thanks Ms. A for a great semester.

  2. Hi, Rutts’ World live here. Looking forward to another semester of Academic Morality which is deeply appreciated. Hey Regina good to see/hear your words.

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