Research Final Questions and Answers

question-mark3aDo I have to use a certain number of sources? No, not necessarily.  When creating new knowledge, the challenge will always be to present your knowledge in such a way that you are supporting what you say.  More important than the number of sources would be the quality of those sources and a variety of sources.  Of course, a student’s topic will always dictate the type of source required.  Watch assignments carefully.  Instructors will be very specific when it comes to their pet peeves.

Should the title pertain to the actual topic of our research or to how-to part of the paper? The title should always reflect what the research essay, as a whole, is about.   In our case, your research essay is about writing a research paper about a particular topic.  This is what your title will reflect.

How would you cite a source that is included in the booklet that comes with a CD? According to the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed., The following format order is used for citing  CD or Album notes:

Ex.  Author.  “Title of writing.”  Singer.  Album Title.  Label, Year.

What if there is more than one sentence from a single source in our writing?  Do we just cite them after the last sentence or after every one? Each in text citation (parenthetical documentation) references the sentence in which it is contained.   A block quote is the exception.

When you ask for parenthetical documentation do you mean in-text citations? Yes, these terms are used interchangeably.

Where do I find information about HOCs and LOCs? There are two places you can find this information.  1.  Your class notes.  2.

Do you need to include a citation for well known information if it was information that you looked up just to make sure that it was correct? No, if you mean by well known as common knowledge – something we all know.

Is there a specific length to the essay? I have know way of knowing how many words or pages you need to complete your essay in the best way possible.  Focus on quality.

What should be cited in a research paper? Cite everything that is not your own words and your own ideas.   Citing correctly in the final essay will certainly show your audience that you know this concept.

What kinds of qualifications should we look for in person we interview? I would assume you would want them to be knowledgeable in the topic you are researching.  The more they know the better.

Can we interview anyone in the class, other English teachers, etc? Sure!

When we talk about pre-writing activities that we have learned in class, do we need to credit someone for that or is that considered common knowledge? No.  But, if you need a refresher and use the reference guide, you will need to cite that information.


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