Ms. A’s Research Notes – Where To Begin

Well, the final exam has been handed out in English 101.  The exam itself is a two week process of in and out of class thinking, writing, and working.  I am asking you to write a Process Analysis.  What is this?  A Process Analysis is a how to guide.  Think of it as a for dummies guide for how you, yourself, writes a research paper.   Remember, your way may not look anything like my way, or another student’s way, or any way ever known.  It is a process that is unique to you and you alone.

In these research notes, I hope to help you keep on track with your final exam.  I will chime in about things that I think are helpful and important, and those things you have questions about.  You can comment here or send me an e-mail with questions or concerns. 

Today, I would like to share with the first steps I would take in this process.  The first thing I would do is go back and re-read the research chapter of the reference guide.  You were aked to do this several weeks ago, but since I did not test you on this, you may have neglected to motivate yourselves.  Now is a good time to know what is written in this chapter.  This is a great resource.  Remember, that even though this Process Analysis is about you, it must include your research.

~Ms. A


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  1. Great picture to add to post! Now picture him years older and female and it would be a picture of me.

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