Here is s post from my personal blog that I have revisited to share here with you.  I hope you will be inspired to step out and check out all of the blog posts students are writing.  If you are an Eng101 student, you can keep track of your blog comments on a Comment Blog Log and turn a completed log in for a journal entry.  If you are not journaling  with us in Eng101, you are still welcome to comment and by all means feel free to send me your blog link for the blogroll.  I am busy commenting on the required posts but hope to do even more.  ~Ms. A

Have I mentioned that I have made a few New Year’s resolutions? No? Oh, well, that is likely true as I know full well if I tell you, if I type them here, and share them with you that I will either stress myself out making sure I meet these resolutions, so you do not think I am a failure, or I will not meet the resolutions and fail. I will then feel horribly guilty sending myself into complete and utter denial and despair. This would not be pretty, and would involve a great deal of over baking, and eating. So, secrets are my policy most of the time, but I have decided to share most of my successes with you which I intend to be many.

Oh, and I have decided not to call this process resolution making, but rather goal making and dream spinning. With that being said, I have decided to let you in on one of my goals. I actually started working on this about a month ago and now feel successful enough to share it.

One of my goals for 2009 is to lurk less and comment more. Yes, I have been a blog lurker and I know there are many of you out there just like me. You click and read and lurk without saying a word. It is okay. There is help.

Hi. My name is Kelly and I am a blog lurker, but I am breaking my silence. Why would I do this? I am becoming a comment queen simply because I have learned through my own new blog that when you leave me comments I become simply giddy with delight! I love your inspiration and your kindnesses. I like you and want to be friends – okay, now this is getting a bit sappy. I will just get to the point…

I am blogging and commenting. I am a blogger. I am a commenter. I challenge you to stop lurking in the shadows – yes, you, the one just out of the glare of your monitor. You know who I am writing about here. Take control. Comment. You will like it and so will the recipient!


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